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Main features:Eastrip is to effectively remove dispersion and pure acrylate paints, cellulose nitrate lacquer, synthetic resin varnishes and spirit varnish, matting
Bioline® Algae-Killer BFA10

Bioline® Algae-Killer BFA100110

Main features:Water-based biocide for removing algae and fungi.
Bioline®Standard Restoration Brick Powder BP10

Bioline®Standard Restoration Brick Powder BP102105

Main features:6 standard colors, directly used with water, with moderate strength, non-contractility, exclusive water soluble harmful salt, convenient construction
Bioline® Lime-based Joint Mortar JM05-Y

Bioline® Lime-based Joint Mortar JM05-Y2206

Main features:Dry mortar based on lime and mineral aggregates especially for fill cracks and holes. Mix with water to form a paste form.
Bioline® Lime-based Joint Mortar JM05-P

Bioline® Lime-based Joint Mortar JM05-P2206-2

Main features:Bioline®JM05-P is dry mortar based on lime. Bioline®JM05-P is designed for repointing of joints with flat finishing.