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BioLine®  Marble Plaster

BioLine® Marble Plaster8225

Main features:Made by high pure lime and inorganic fillers, the plaster can be used immediately once it is thoroughly mixed. It can be used for historic building su
BioLine®  Euro Stucco NHL550

BioLine® Euro Stucco NHL5502309

Main features:Based on natural hydraulic limes imported form Europe and manufactured according to classic European plaster technique. This is especially suitable fo
BioLine®  Historic Stucco SHP-2

BioLine® Historic Stucco SHP-22308

Main features:It's made based on analyses of historic building stucco.
Bioline ®    Natural Hydraulic Lime Masonry Mortar- NHL based

Bioline ® Natural Hydraulic Lime Masonry Mortar- NHL based8217

Main features:made from imported natural hydraulic ash and natural mineral aggregate. Can be used in historic buildings.
Bioline® Cement-based  Multi-functional Plaster

Bioline® Cement-based Multi-functional Plaster1105-A

Main features:Mortar produced referred to German WTA technical guidelines with special properties of water-proof, moistureproof, salt-resistance and air-permeabilit